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In 2008, the United States Dept. of Transportation enacted an action plan to address the nation’s greatest highway safety challenge - - - the steadily rising rate of motorcycle fatalities. This fatality rate is more than five times the rate for all occupants of passenger vehicles.

The DOT plan includes:

  1. improvements to motorcycle braking systems such as anti-lock brakes;
  2. lighting enhancements to make motorcycles and riders more visible to motorists;
  3. increasing use of helmets that meet federal motor vehicle safety standards and helmet use awareness;
  4. offering new rider training classes and refresher courses for experienced riders;
  5. joint meetings with motorcycle manufacturers, highway safety groups and national motorcycle organizations to coordinate safety efforts.

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We know motorcycle safety laws and suggest missouri motorcycle training for your safety. For information on motorcycle safety training and laws regarding motorbike safety, contact us. St louis mo motorcycle safety courses can save your life.

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